Welcome to Naomi Yami. You have been born into this world through strife and blood. You have grown in your abilities and skills and are now ready to take your place in the world as an adventurer. Your reasons may be different but a party has form of diverse and evil people. Your goals are different but you have realized by helping each other achieve an individuals goal, they will in return help you, and perhaps larger goals will form as your adventures blossom.

(OOC: I will use Obsidian Portal as a major campaign tool. All of you know should have an account and know the basics [or learn them, its not hard!] What I ask for you to do is USE THIS TOOL! I have severe OCD and this tool will REALLY help me organize, thus helping YOU have a better experience. Things to keep in mind:
1. PLEASE keep your characters up to date as far as Ability stats, skills, and saving throws!
2. Adventure logs are great! And I would like one posted at least one a week, from a different player each week. You can always post more!
3. If you need ANYTHING for ANY reason, contact me! I want this to be fun for each of us and my goal is to provide entertainment for you, the players!)

Naomi Yami